Slip Covers

I have to admit right now that I love slipcovers. They are so much more practical than upholstery and give you greater freedom in your selection of color. And they always give a room a friendly, informal, casual feeling that is the new note in decoration.

Everyone used to think slipcovers were makeshift, or just for summer. Nowadays there is no room too grand for them.

You can perform miracles with old furniture with slipcovers, and you can also effect an appreciable saving instead of buying new furniture. If you feel flush you can have two sets made – one for summer and one for winter. This will give your house an interesting variety, for a change of slipcovers can make over the whole atmosphere of a place.

Slip covers are not difficult to make at home. Upholsters make an awful fuss about them and try to scare you into thinking they are very hard. But in England, they have never fallen for this. In large houses, the maid runs them up for the while house without thinking twice about it. Of course, this is easier for her for the English use very loose slipcovers. American upholsters believe that a slipcover is no good unless it fits tightly as a sausage skin.