Decorating is Fun!

Color – Your Magic Wand

“I wish there was one word in the English language that meant exciting, frightfully important, irreplaceable, deeply satisfying, basic and thrilling, all at once. I need that word to tell you how much your awareness of color in decorating.” So said Dorothy Draper in Entertaining is Fun!

Be open minded in your selection of background color in particular. Muddy-colored walls are nothing but a blight. So are undecided colors that runs between tan and apartment-house cream, or between two greens until they become neither sea, sky nor good old cornflower.

There should never be any doubt what your color has to say, whether it is a pale or brilliant shade. It may be chalk blue, watermelon pink, lemon yellow, green grass, chocolate brown, café au lait, warm gray – anything on earth you like, just as long as it knows its own mind.” Dorothy Draper – Decorating Is Fun! Available from